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He is one of the persons whose remains are laid at the Davao Masonic Memorial Park in Davao City, Philippines.


Reverend Crispin Fajardo Faune was born on October 25, 1896 in Gubat Sorsogon. He
married Valentina M. Velasco on May 29, 1922. They had eleven children: Samuel, Rosalina, Beato, Regina, Juan, Lilia, Phoebe, Ruben, Priscila, Sabejuro and Prisfero.
They are blessed with grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

His educational background included a Bachelor in Education , Bachelor in Theology, acquired from Union Theological Seminary and Silliman University

In 1915 as a student in Albay, Crispin F. Faune, through the influence of Miss Agripina Moralde, one of the first two ordained women ministers in the Bicol region, was converted to Evangelical Christianity from Catholiscism.

His ministry as a young church worker under the leadership of Rev. Julian Bertumen and Evangelist Leonardo G. Diaz (who later became a Bishop), was highlighted by their evangelistic outreach which resulted in 167 baptisms in 1915, 213 in 1917, and 242 in 1918.

In 1926 - 1930, he was sent to Binaton, Sta. Cruz, Davao to teach at the Binaton Mission School. When it closed, he taught at Melilla Evangel Institute. There he became the Head of the School or Principal from 1931 to the beginning of World War II. He settled in Melilla and continued to serve the church and community there.

The scope of his ministry included but not limited to the following:
1. Establishment of Churches in the highland district and other areas of SMDC (Southern Mindanao District Conference) and other Conferences in Mindanao
2. He served as Pastor of the United Evangelical Church, now Davao City, UCCP.
3. Vice Moderator (Conference Minister) 1946-1952
4. Moderator (Conference Minister) 1952-1958
5. Missionary to the Bila-an Mission in South Cotabato 1949-1952
6. Served at Tupi’ Koronadal, Cotabato
7. Recalled to Pastor the Davao City UCCP after his mission work among the Bila-ans.
8. Pastor Panabo UCCP
9. Retired in 1952 from Pastoral work
10. Recalled to Pastor Piape Seaside Church, now Agdao Community Church until around 1983.
11. He taught English and Mathemics at Davao Chinese School.
12. Chaplain at Brokenshire Hospital
13. Bible teacher at Brokenshire School of Nursing
14. Chairman, Board of Directors Brokenshire Memorial Hospital
15. Member Davao Masonic Lodge
16. Pioneer teacher of Southern Christian College

Rev. and Mrs Crispin Faune

Writing about my father is an honor. What information I can provide you is just a tip of the iceberg of what he has done to serve his God and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know my father will agree with me that he prefers no accolades for himself. The dates above are the best I can draw from my sources; Rev. Bernardo Fernandez and Phoebe Faune Reyes, my sister. They have given me the best and accurate information they know of my father’s ministry.
As a family man, he was a disciplinarian, a loving husband and great father. He taught us humility, perseverance, service and faith. At night he would gather us and worship God in song and in the morning he led worship in word. He taught as never to ask or receive compensation for voluntary service given; to give up our place at the table or a bed space for any uninvited guest, any time of the day or night. The underprivileged or the poor was his concern, especially indigenous natives of Davao del Sur and South Cotabato and he impressed this on us.
My parents were partners in the ministry; she with her ministry in song and he with his ministry in word. She had a beautiful voice which most of my siblings inherited, especially Phoebe and Lilia. My parents taught us to be strong in our faith in God, to trust Him, and lean on Him always; and that He is our provider.
Since the extent of my father’s ministerial responsibilities was unknown to me, I did not realize how important his mission was to him and how many lives he has touched. In 1952 he retired from the ministry, hoping to rest from so much traveling, instead he was recalled to serve at Piapi Seaside Church (Agdao Community Church), which he gladly accepted. He said that there is no retirement in God’s ministry. He called you and He will retire you.

One memorable incident in his ministerial venture is when he was ordained. To be ordained then, you have to pass a test. His test was to walk from Davao to Marawi. He was accompanied by Rev. Walter Tong. The story goes that during their walk, my father, found some hot pepper (siling labuyo) and ate them. Being a bicolano, it did not faze him. So without warning or informing the American missionary, how spicy hot it was, Rev. Tong took a sample of it, history tells us that they had a fist fight but his initiation was complete and his ordination was bestowed on him.
The best thing I can tell you about my father is that he loved God and shared the Savior he knew, who loved him. He enjoyed his mission and persevered. He loved the people he served and they loved him back. He was a humble man; a devoted husband, a great father to his children and grandchildren. He loved his family but his ministry came first. He loved God first and last.
Rev. Crispin Faune 1896 – 1986
Valentina V. Faune 1806 - 1984

Priscila Faune Custodio

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The Americans at the Davao Masonic Memorial Park

There are a number of Americans buried at the Davao Masonic Memorial Park. It was said that some of them are US war Veterans, others are those who had contributed to the initial development of Davao City.
In 2004, a group of Davao Masons tried to exhume these American tombs to sell the land to a private developer. We have stopped them through the cancellation of the development permit issued by the City. Today, they are trying to title the lot of the Park in their names. The only way to stop them is by a city declaration of a historical site for the Park.
Our advocacy is to preserve the historical value and conserve our heritage. We would like to know more about these Americans whose tombstone pictures will be shown here.
For anyone who knows them, please send us the biography or pictures, so we can at least show our gratefulness to them by adding their names in our history.
We appreciate your help.